Simplification to the essential; Meaningful expression through colors and shapes. Colors are sharp; shapes contrast through use of color. Simplification gives a  monumental impression on bill-board scale canvases. Balance is achieved as form arises from countless point and line-shaped gridded objects - revealing its coherence only when viewed from a distance.

A human head appears, imerging  out of a chaotic background - hypnotizing.

Although gridding is a well known graphic technique , Gorx has elevated it to a suprime tool of orientation. The ratio is chosen such that spot and area, from an intermediate view point, appear in equilibrium. The unique elements join together, function together, as a form, without forfeiting their individuality.

The essential about art is that it has to be lived. Success is not a question of talent nor education success is the decision never to quit.
Gorx, uses the unique language of his brush to express what he uniquely has to say. 
His art precludes tradition because learning encompasses shaping, shaping of ones personality, getting in line of the individual, tradition as subjugation. "The future cherishes everything credible half-heartedness will not prevail. Living art provides future."

Art is like water, it pertubates drags along and carries away, but its true force is persistency. Calmly flowing it carves new possibilities. The drop, always the same drop, penetrates the rock. 

" paintings are a part of myself; arising from within not from without ignoring trends and demands of the art market." 

Art is no therapy, it is way to demanding of oneself to be that which was is The ones, who are not strong enough, may be destroyed by Art.

Gorx's paintings are full of a symbolism many may overlook, although they are not hidden, no citations, which can only be understood by "art literates". They appear openly, they are the core of the paintings, the paintings themselves. 

Gorx condenses his memories into paintings, lays open his"joix the vivre" and passes on a piece of time.  By processing personal memories from his lifetime, he passes on a piece of contemporary and Austrian history.  Yet his paintings are superregional and global, could have been created as well in New York as in Bangladesh. This is the truly modern about his art, that it is free of nationality and beliefs about the world. 

Gorx does not create an image of Jochen Rindt, he depicts his own, very personal, memory of Jochen Rindt. This separates him from artists that only chose Stars as their subjects according to their popularity. Gorx does not use the fame of his idols to further his own, he rather gives them back what they have lost: their lives. Nothing is more lively than the very personal.

So Gorx has developed a precisely calculated but seemingly simple bill-board technique that catches and captivates the eye of the casual, then surprised, distant viewer.
Born in 1970 in Vienna, Gorx is not an unknown in the Austrian art scene. At age 18 he already had his first presentation, whereafter numerous further expositions followed. Stays in New York and Tokyo enlarged the horizon of this socially active artist, who has developed an unmistakable Acryl technique of pure colors and significant shapes.